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CPA partners: Wonder if you’re getting what you’re really worth?
RF Resources knows the market and finds new opportunities for top level CPAs.
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1 in 3 NY metro area CPA firms will change hands in the next 5 years.
RF Resources can help you capitalize on this trend, regardless of which side of the deal you’re on.
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CPA’s: You’ve set up your clients for life. Now, isn’t it your turn?
RF Resources helps CPAs plan for what’s next, including succession, retirement and M&A.
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Firms: Want to level the playing field when selling or merging your practice?
RF Resources understands both sides of the table. We’ll help you avoid valuation and negotiation pitfalls so you get a fair deal.
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About us

Our approach

The RF Resources approach is simple: We use our comprehensive understanding of the public accounting business and strong industry relationships to address the needs and challenges of high-level CPAs and CPA firms. Our goal is to help our clients make confident decisions throughout the various stages of their careers/business cycles, including major events such as organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions, leadership succession, and more.

About the founder

Robert Fligel has placed countless partners and senior professionals in CPA firms, Fortune 500 and privately-held companies, and consulted on numerous firm mergers and acquisitions.

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For partner and director-level CPAs

Making the decision to search for a new position is a highly sensitive matter. Whether you’re a partner or director seeking greener pastures, or perhaps considering branching out on your own, we understand the issues.

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For CPA firms in the NY metro area

Senior executive changes or M&As are highly sensitive matters. Depending on why your firm is seeking a new partner or director (i.e. retirement, expansion, sale, merger, or acquisition), our approach is custom tailored to your needs.

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What makes RF Resources unique?

  • We’re fellow CPAs and we specialize.
  • Our network is unmatched.
  • We focus exclusively on the NY Metro area.

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We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you, your partners and your firm. Please contact us to arrange a confidential discussion of your particular situation, ideas, concerns and/or plans for the future. You may use the form below or contact us via email or phone — whichever is more convenient for you.

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